A Recommended Week Holiday Program

Day 1. We will be there to welcome you at Ercan Airport and deliver your hire car on arrival, which will be well maintained and ready for you to drive away immediately.

If your flight arrives into Southern Cyprus, our taxi representative will be there to welcome you in a clean and comfortable car and drive you to your accommodation, where you will be met by our rent a car representative who will have your rented car ready and available on arrival.

Day 2. Wake up to bright sunshine and blue skies. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and then why not go and explore and discover Northern Cyprus in your hire car starting in your local area.

If you are based in the Kyrenia region we would advise you drive to the very charming charismatic Bellapais Village to visit the Bellapais Abbey. You could also visit the house of Lawrence Durrell, author of the book Bitter Lemons. Bellapais village has quaint narrow streets so our advice is to park your hire car in the car park on the outskirts of the village and a short walk through the village will take you to the places of interest. Just a short drive from here is the city centre of Kyrenia. You can park your hire car in the main parking area where it is both cheap and safe to park. Kyrenia is a buzzing tourist town with a picturesque horseshoe shape harbour, 16th Century Castle, shops, and an abundance of bars, restaurants and cafes. After lunch a visit to Kyrenia Castle is a must.

Allow at least 1.5 hrs here. Visit the 2nd oldest shipwreck which is the highlight of the Castle as well as many other museums, dungeons, towers and the views from the castle walls overlooking the harbour are stunning. After your visit here you can enjoy a coffee and watch the world go by in one of the many harbour cafes. In the evening the harbour comes alive, why not visit one of the many restaurants offering a variety of choice of fine dining. Please note drink driving rules and regulations also apply here in Northern Cyprus so please take care.

Day 3. After breakfast take a drive to Famagusta in your hire car and learn about the ancient life in Cyprus. We suggest you visit St. Barnabas Monastery where Christianity was born in Cyprus. In this monastery there is an icon museum and archaeological museum and this will help to give you a better understanding of your day ahead. By the monastery there is a small chapel and people believe it is the place where St. Barnabas was buried. Next stop is the Salamis Ancient City which is the biggest ancient Roman site in Cyprus. Here you can see the ancient Theatre, Gymnasium, Basilica, Hot and Cold Baths, Latrines, impressive Columns, Mosaics and much more.

Parking is available just outside the entrance into the site. We recommend between 1-1.5hrs but if you wish to visit all sites you may need 2.5hrs -3 hrs here. It will be getting on for lunch time and located right by the sea and entrance to Salamis is a family run restaurant offering a variety of both hot and cold dishes. Enjoy the rest of your day on the beautiful sandy beach and then drive back to your accommodation in your hire car.

Day 4. We recommend an early morning start and then a leisurely drive to the east coast of North Cyprus to visit Apostolos Andreas Monastery, a part of the island which is both untouched and unspoilt. We suggest you take the scenic coastal road and visit different villages where you can see and learn about the culture and life style of the Turkish Cypriot people. Your first stop is Bogaz village in Iskele region which is located by the sea. A quaint fishing village where you can have a stroll around the harbour and enjoy a coffee in one the cafes/restaurants. Bogaz is the last point of modern life. Your journey ahead in your hire car will now take you to less developed, less commercialised areas. Not far from Bogaz there are olive oil factories where you can stop and try different types of fresh olive oil, and even purchase some should you so wish. Continue your journey and make a stop at Sipahi Basilica. This Basilica is full of impressive Mosaics which are dated back to 4th century A.D. You will see ancient Greek writings and lots of intriguing patterns. Sipahi village is also an interesting place to visit as it is one of the villages where Turkish and Greek people are still living together. During your journey right to the end of the island you will pass many restaurants where you can stop and have your lunch. After your lunch you can continue driving your comfortable hire car and visit Apostolos Andreas Monastery which is classified to be the most important religious house for Greek Cypriots in North Cyprus. You can also visit Golden Sand Beach which is the longest and one of the most impressive beaches in Cyprus. It has beautiful crystal clear water so we most certainly recommend you spend some time here. At its busiest time of year, height of summer, maximum number of people that you will see on the beach is no more than 50. On the way back you can take the coastal road and take in the breath taking views that are on offer with your rent a car in North Cyprus.

Day 5. Today take a drive to the West Coast of North Cyprus with your rented car. On your way to Guzelyurt city which is the 4th biggest city in North Cyprus you will notice the huge dam. The water comes directly from Turkey and is then pumped out to different parts of North Cyprus. We suggest you stop and visit the Blue House (Mavi Kosk). This house was apparently owned by a Greek entrepreneur who was the main agent holder of General Motors etc. According to some rumours he was supporting EOKA in the country and he was the main gun smuggler into the country but there is no evidence of this. His house is currently situated in the armed territory area but can be visited every day except Monday. After your visit to this interesting house we recommend you take a drive to Korucam village where the Maronite’s live. People living in this village are Greek. Maronite’s originated from Lebanon and they are part of the Catholic religion. Once you have visited this quaint traditional village you can drive the city centre of Guzelyurt and visit St. Mamas Monastery. St. Mamas Monastery it is one of the best preserved monasteries in North Cyprus.

You will see lots of frescos, icons and interesting objects relating to the Orthodox religion. You can also visit the archaeological museum in North Cyprus. Quality of the findings here are very rich. Once you have finished your visit to the monastery and museum continue on to Soli ancient city. While you are driving, you will see this area is quite undeveloped, rumour is, if there is reunification of the island this area will be given back to the control of the Greek people. This is why local and foreign investors are not interested in this area. When you arrive to Soli Ancient City you will have lots time to admire the beautiful views which surround the area. Soli is known to be one of the biggest kingdoms of Cyprus and excavations are still taking place today. They have found a basilica which is the biggest in North Cyprus and an ancient Greek Theatre which is located up on the hill side. Possibly it’s now time for lunch! There are good numbers of restaurants in the area and most of them are conveniently located by the sea. After your lunch you can continue driving in your hire car to Vuni Palace. This historical area is located up on the hillside which is 260m above sea level and is dated back to the 3rd century B.C. Once your visit here is over you may like to drive to the end of the West Coast to Yesilirmak village for a light refreshment break. Spectacular views can be seen from here. Time now to return to your accommodation in your comfortable hire car.

Day 6. After breakfast we recommend a drive to Famagusta city in your air conditioned hire car and visit the 2nd biggest city in North Cyprus. Famagusta is famous with its ghost town (Varosha City) as well as its characteristic old town. This historic old town is full of ancient history. Originally this walled city was built by the Venetians. A visit to St.Nicholas Cathedral is a must, it is the 2nd biggest Gothic Architecture building which still has its original impressive stained glass windows. The old town has a variety of places to visit such as the Venetian Palace, St. Paul’s Church, the Greek Church, Latins Church and much more. You can easily spend more than 2 hrs here by visiting the historical sites and walking up and around the walled city. The old town has a variety of restaurants to choose from and the Petek patisserie is most definitely the best place for cake or ice cream! Ghost town is not far from the walled city of Famagusta. This abandoned area is under the Turkish Military services and it is forbidden to walk over the fence, take a photo or video. There is a public beach however where you can take a short walk which gives you the best views of the area. From here you will see many old hotels (in ruins) situated along the coastline which are now used by birds to nest in. This location was the foreign investment area in the country and more than 80% of the properties belonged to foreigners. It contributed 52% percent of the country’s GDP when it was in its element. Ghost town was the 2nd biggest tourist attraction in the Mediterranean after Beirut in 1974. The stunning beach and crystal clear waters is an excellent place to spend and enjoy the rest of the day.

Day 7. On your last day we suggest you to go to Nicosia the capital city of Cyprus which is the only divided capital city in the world. Both Northern and Southern Cyprus governments are situated in the capital. You will find plenty of car parking places where you can park your hire car and then take a walk around the city. We recommend you start your tour on Arab Ahmet Street where the old Ottoman Houses are located. From here you can see the famous Ledra Palace gate, a designated crossing point. Walking through the historic charm of the Ottoman period houses takes you to the heart of the city where authentic old shops and historical places of interest are located. In Nicosia you can visit the biggest most impressive Gothic Architecture St. Sophia Cathedral. This cathedral was the place where the coronation ceremonies used take a place. By the Cathedral is St Nicholas Church which has been renovated and reopened as a cultural centre. Whirling Dervishes provide regular shows throughout the day here. The Covered Bazar is only 50 meters away from the church. The Covered Market is where you can find lots of gift shops for your loved ones and fresh, tasty Turkish delight! The highlight of the day will be a visit to the Kervansaray, (Big Inn) this very impressive building was built by the Ottomans in the 16th century. Currently there are 68 different shops inside selling anything from lace to arts and crafts, each shop owned by different people. The restaurant gives you a chance to try the local cuisine. If you bring your passport with you, you can cross the border to the South part of Nicosia. The difference between the north and south is significant. The south being busy and commercialised whilst the North remains quiet and authentic.

Day 8. On your final day you can drive your rent a car to Ercan Airport and park your car in the hire car parking area. Please remember that you have to be at Ercan Airport 2hrs prior to your flight departure time. If you are flying from Larnaca Airport your taxi pick up time in resort will be 3.5hrs prior to your flight and if flying from Paphos Airport pick up time will be 4.5 hrs.

If you are interested there are plenty of other historical places you can visit during your holiday or you could combine them with our weekly program accordingly. These places are;

St. Hilarion Castle, Buffavento Castle, Karmi village, Alagadi Turtle Beach, Antiphonitis Monastery, Armenian Monastery, Kantara Castle, Incirli Cave, Dervish Pasha Mansion and the Lusignan House are all places easily accessible in your hire car.

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